Cross training group fitness classes

Cross training group fitness classes

Burpees, squats, push ups, shuttle runs, skipping, boxing and stair runs are just a few of the exercises that appear in our Cross training sessions.

Cross training classes at Lifestyle Essentials

Crossing training is just that- it is a CROSS TRAINING of exercises that challenge all of your cardiovascular fitness systems, your muscular strength and endurance. This session is a GREAT way to BOOST your energy levels, triple your energy and burn off that excessive fat. 

This class is set up to cater for ALL fitness levels so no matter how fit or unfit you are we will ensure that you will be looked after! 

When & where 

All our x-training group sessions are run either indoors in our Mitcham fitness studio, in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, or outdoors in surrounding parks, depending on the weather.

Check the group fitness timetable for x-training class times.

So, come in and chat to a friendly staff member or call us Ph: 98732 568 or 0430 273 800

Please note: this is Not CROSS FIT. We do not offer cross fit and believe that the skill required to do these exercises are not reflective of the type of clients we train. And we are not willing to injure our clients with unsafe inappropriate training methods!

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