Stop Back Pain Program

With our 15 years’ experience in the Health and Fitness Industry, Lifestyle Essentials’ Exercise Rehabilitation Therapists, Remedial Massage Therapists and Exercise Scientists have been able to develop an integrated approach to treating back pain.

Our specialised approach to providing backpain relief combines techniques from Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Exercise Physiology, Clinical Pilates and Chiropractitics.

How our stop back pain program works

Step 1: Full Clinical Assessment to establish the reason WHY you have back pain

This may sound obvious but it is sound that a lot of practitioners do not ask: WHY? If you have sciatica you can treat the sciatica but why do you have it? If you have a bulged disc, you can treat the bulge but WHY do you have the bulged disc?

The purpose of this assessment is for us to work out WHY you have back pain and give you a clear understanding to what we need to do to help you overcome you backpain.

Assessments can be conducted online if you can’t come into our Mitcham studio.

Step 2:  Based on the results of your assessment, we will determine your next best step 

  • Option 1: Treatment with our Remedial Massage Therapist to help release tight muscles and start the process of getting the muscles to function correctly.
  • Option 2: Desensitization of the Nervous System: Based on clinical Pilates, this program is a specific set of exercises to help turn off your nervous system reducing your back pain.

Step 3:  Neural Re programming and Postural Re Training 

In stopping back pain it’s essential that the body is working correctly! By re-training your body to ensure that your muscles are firing in the correct order, you’ll ensure that you are functioning at an optimal level.  Your posture is the window to your heath, and having a strong and correct posture will stop your back pain. 

Step 4.   Integrate Muscles into functional pain free movement 

To live your life you need to be able to function, that is do everything in life you what to do PAIN FREE! To be able to do this you need to integrate correct muscle activation and posture into functional movements, then strengthen these movements so that you can live your life with causing any pain. 

Backpain testimonial

Learn how to get relief from your backpain (watch the video below)

Get tips from the expert on how to relieve your back pain.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. We'll tailor a training program to suit your needs, fitness levels and injury concerns. 

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