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Learn how to prevent, reduce and eliminate back pain (video)

Suffering from chronic back pain can and will impact your life. Being able to reduce this pain and turn it off is an essential part of any back pain recovery program. To stop back pain, especially chronic back pain, requires you to turn off the nervous system that is driving the  pain.  

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Developing Shoulder Stability and Shoulder Strength (video)

A great exercise to help develop shoulder stability is the seated row, there is number of ways to do the seated row, during this video I will discuss different ways to look at doing the exercise to develop shoulder stability and prevent shoulder injury

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  • Looking at different health and fitness challenges, a lot of the time you can argue that they do not work when it comes to the results people get.  Discussing this across the fitness industry with other trainers and health professionals, it seems that this is a common occurrence. So we are looking at shaping a program that will ...

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