10 Week Re-Focus Program:

Starts 8th of October


Week 1: Set you exercise commitment goal for the next 4 weeks

  • Number of training sessions per week
  • Specific activity goals eg
    • Number of push ups
    • Time for lap of the block
    • Strengthen your knees
    • Reduce pain
    • Specific individual goal
  • Body composition scan is available…at your own cost

These are your goals and individual to you, in the first month we are not focused on weight loss or nutrition just activity levels

Week 2: 8pm on Wednesday 24th of October zoom webinar

To discuss how you are going and any specific things you would like to achieve.

Week 3. 8pm Wednesday 31st of October Facebook live

A show on our closed Facebook group about understanding nutrition, specifically designed to help you shape your habits around nutrition

1000 Steps walk – 4pm 3rd of November

meet under the Kokoda memorial sign

Week 4: Review, reset and re focus for the next 4 weeks 

This webinar will be on at 8pm Wednesday 7th of November where we will look at reviewing goals and starting to reset your goals for the next 4 weeks

Week 5: Reset your goals for the next 4 weeks and post them on our closed Facebook group

What is you biggest barrier?  Lets discuss what is getting in your way, this will be a face to face workshop at the studio - Wednesday 8pm the 14th of November

Week 6: Team workout – 9am Saturday 17th of November

Week 7: Consistency is the key,

Who can do the most groups for the week of the 19th of November

Week 8: Move move move,

Incidental exercise is an essential part of life and maintaining your health and fitness, so this week grab your trackers, your phones and lets see who can get the most steps for the week.

Week 9: Spin Week

Grab your cycle shorts and book in for cycle this week and see how far you can ride…..

Week 10: Celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your labour 


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